Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taping off areas of the deck

We have begun taping off the nonskid areas of the deck in preparation for applying the two part epoxy primer to all the other areas. Tyler, Noah, and I spent a few hours taping using 3M 2080 tape for the straight stretches and slight bends. It is a light to medium tack tape that you can leave on for up to sixty days. It is thin and smooth with a slightly plastic feel to it. We like using a light to medium tack tape as it really lets you know if you've done enough surface cleaning. If you missed a spot the tape wont stick. Its far better to have the tape fail rather than the paint film! We use 3M 471 for going around corners. It is a stretchy plastic tape that can turn a tight corner without tearing. We put a little piece of 2080 over top to prevent it from contracting when stretched around the tight corners.
Almost ready for taping

Taping off areas

3M 471 turns tight corners

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