Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chain locker and deck hatch

Some time ago my brother sent me some pictures of the deck access hatch he made for the chain locker on his C&C. Since then I've been pondering converting the Alberg's chain locker into a deck access only, self draining locker and making the forward bulkhead a watertight bulkhead thereby keeping the chain locker smells out of the cabin. After finding some moist spots in the area on deck that I was going to have to re-core anyway, I decided to go for it! I cut the shape of the hatch out of the deck and set to work preparing the chain locker; grinding the areas to be tabbed etc.

Forward bulkhead

Bottom platform for the chain locker with 1st layer of biaxial glass

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Procured an engine

We received a call to survey an O'day 27 sailboat that had fallen over on the hard and stove in the starboard side of the vessel. The vessel was a total loss. Several weeks later the underwriter called us and asked if we'd like to put in a salvage bid, we did so and bought the vessel. It had a nice little 8HP Yanmar diesel engine in it. The engine is on the small side for my project but the price was right so we set to work removing from the Oday. Since the boat was totaled we cut a hole in the side of the hull with a 4" grinder with a cutting disk in it, cut the cockpit out of the boat with a sawz-all, and lifted the engine out through the hole.
With a little work and several oil changes we had the engine running smoothly. Next spring the Alberg should be ready to receive it!