Friday, January 15, 2010

The boys are back in town.

Tyler moved back to town and he and Kris have been helping on the boat for the last two days. They had done the majority of the tough sanding of the bottom and were impressed and inspired by how it looked when finished and painted. They offered to help some more and have sanded the deck and cockpit and cabin. Their friend Anthony stopped by and was pressed into service by the boys, lol, when their friends stop by they hand them a tool and put em to work.......we got fewer and fewer interruptions as the word of our press gang got out among their peer group. They are 19-21 years old respectively and a powerhouse of energy and endurance. All three hand sanded all the corners and edges I could not get with the DA. We are down to spot filling and sanding now.

The cockpit was a mess, someone in the past had taken a grinder to areas of the deck and cockpit and created scars and gouges. Some had been haphazardly filled with resin alone, some had been left ragged and filled with dirt and dust. The areas were sanded down to clean glass with the DA and forty grit disks and by hand where the DA could not get into and then filled with epoxy mixed with west systems 406 and 407 fillers.

Tyler removed the worn wood inserts from the cockpit seats. The one on the starboard side was pried up and popped right out. Not so for the port side. It was bedded well in the original resin and had to be chiseled out, then sanded down with a grinder equipped with a flap sanding disk. They cleaned up well.

The inventor of the Jordan drogue recommends two chain-plates be bolted horizontally to the topsides at the transom to connect the bridle for the drogue. The area must be very strong and transfer the potentially high loads to vessel. I squeezed into the lazzarette and started removing the gel-coat from large areas of the Hull and underside of the deck with the flap sander. The area will be glassed with heavy roving and tied into the bulkhead.

We all wear dust masks......but when the camera comes out the boys ditch the masks for the photo opp if the air is not to bad. They say they've got to look good for the ladies......I told them I didn't think there was that many ladies reading the blog......they told me they show the blog to their friends and have to be lookin' good!

left to right: Anthony, Kris (foreground), Tyler.

Tyler and Kris

Tyler long-boards the cap

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You've got some help again.
Thanks guys!!!

Jeff MM