Monday, November 24, 2008

Galley bulkhead / Starboard Settee

Using Template material I made a mock-up of the galley bulkhead and using 1/4" plywood made a template of the front of the starboard settee. When I was satisfied with the template I drew it out onto 1/4" teak and cut it too shape. Several 4-1/2" holes were cut in the back piece to lighten it and the two pieces were laminated together. After another test fit and trimming as required I applied several coats of satin Wipe on Poly made by Minwax.

Laminating the pieces together

Test fitting

Back of the piece

Applying Wipe on Poly

Stairs replace the ladder

Dangerous (thats the name he likes to go by), A good customer and fellow builder was done with his project and gave our shop the stairs he built to get aboard his boat. Gary (my boss) said they'd be perfect for getting aboard my boat and told me I can have em for the duration of my project. They are a welcome addition to the project.

Dangerous also donated a bunch of Jatoba lumber that Gary told me I could have.

A big thank you to both Gary and Dangerous!

Epoxy Metering Pump

The shop bought a metering pump for west System Epoxy that pumps both the resin and hardener at the same time. I put it too use dispensing resin for my projects, making several batches and randomly testing the unit for accuracy by holding small graduated measuring cups under each spout to ensure it was dispensing at the correct ratio. I am very impressed by this unit and wish we'd have bought one sooner. It is simple to use and a great time saver and is very accurate.

Holding Tank

With no good choice available for a drop in pre-made holding tank I decided to incorporate one into the hull. After the new ballast cap was laid up (with three layers of biaxial cloth) three layers of biaxial cloth was applied to the hull forming the tank sides. The top and baffle was templated in the usual manner and the parts laid up in the shop and then trimmed to fit. The baffle and the tank fittings were installed, then the top was glassed into place using three layers of biaxial cloth on all seams. West System epoxy was used for the project and the mixture was made slightly resin rich as recommended by West system when building tanks.