Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boat Slip

After several years of being on the wait-list for a slip in Honolulu I finally got the call!
"Mr. Lang,....you are first on the list now for the next available slip".
I flew to Honolulu for a week and checked on the slip while I was there.
Spent a lovely week in the sun and reminded myself of why I'm sailing in that direction.
Thank you Jeff and Sulu for being such good freinds and fantastic hosts!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Head Dorade Box

A big thanks to David Fisher aboard Kalitsah (A30 # 440) for the heads-up regarding the potential leaks from the dorade  box into the liner. I cut the dorade box off the deck and could see where it had indeed been leaking into the liner. I will refit the area and seal it up well and replace the dorade box with a hatch.



Tonight I got to it and drew the hatch cutout onto the deck with a pencil and rough cut the straight lines with the Fein Multimaster tool. The radius corners were then shaped by using a ZEC grinding disk in a 4-1/2" grinder turned on its side. Those disks remove a lot of material very quickly without gumming up the disk. The hatch dry fit well and now there is a little hand work to be done before the trim ring is fit inside and the deck can be sealed and prepped for bedding the hatch.

Sealed and fairing coat applied