Thursday, June 25, 2009


For unknown reasons, a previous owner had assaulted the transom with a grinder. We have used 40 grit to get down below the grinder marks deep into the original gel-coat where we have begun to uncover an old name as we sand.
It shows up as a light colored "ghost" shadow against the original cream colored gel-coat. The name "Defiance" was on second to last coat of paint. This name is much older and not fully legible yet. The first letter is "P" then maybe an "I" or "L" last two letters look like "WA" with perhaps an "L" before the W, with a lot of space between the first and last letters. The name is low on the transom and might be the port name? Its become a game at the shop to try and guess what it might be but no one has come up with anything that fits yet.

July 5th: After further sanding the name has been revealed, "Philadelphia". I was way off on what I thought the letters were.


Anonymous said...

Choice work and getting help... Priceless!
Defiance, huh? Well Determination would fit too! HaHa!

Maybe 'Port Townsend WA' (Washington). My guess.


Don said...

:-) Not a bad guess,....but she was an East Coast Boat so I don't think its Port Townsend.

Cheers, Don