Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anchor locker

I could not sleep last night, at 3am I was wide awake so I set off for the boat.
I crawled under the cockpit and realized I was very close to being done down there. One small partition to go and some minor fairing.
It made me smile. I crawled out and looked the interior over,.....most everything is well underway and either dfp (down for parts) or on hold till more of the dust making is done. The end is in sight for the interior!
I went on deck and wandered up to the anchor locker, put the density meter on the deck and plotted out the area that needed to be removed. Took the skill saw and cut thru the top layer of glass then used the fein tool with a scraper blade and had the zone cleaned up to the base laminate in no time flat. That tool is amazing!! Took an old hatch of of the salvaged boat and cut it down and laid it over the chain locker opening on deck. With a little modification I think it will work out fine. Then it hit me! I'm actually moving on to the exterior stuff now! :-) I will be working on glassing the hull and deck joint soon if this pace keeps up.


chai guy said...

Congratulations! I've really enjoyed watching this process, thanks for sharing it with us. Can't wait to get started with my Alberg!

Don said...

Thank you :-)

Graham said...

Hi Don,

Terrific blog, I enjoy working on my sailboat (CS27), and can highly identify with your Alberg project.

Question: You mention Vetus hose for its flexibility, I need to replace my pump-out hose and it follows a wandering path with tight bends. Normal sanitation hose would be very difficult to use - have you a suggestion from your experience?

Graham Mackey

Don said...

Thanks Graham,

Regarding the sanitation hose; Regular sani-hose will give you about a 9-10" radius bend.
Sealand Max-flex sani hose will bend to a 5-6" radius. If you require a tighter bend using plastic pvc elbow and pvc fittings is recommended. The pvc elbow will give you about a 4" radius. If its a long run hard piping with pvc is the preferred and recommended method. All hose will eventually be permeated and lead to smells, particularly if effluent is allowed to stand in the hose. Hard pvc is the standard now for long runs and any runs that contain standing effluent. Don't be afraid to use pvc, there are many who think vibrations will cause it to fail. This is a myth; if the joints are properly prepared they will not leak or fail and vibration will not lead to failure of a good joint. It is the standard on pre-made tank/pump combos and for a good reason, the joints fail less frequently than clamped ones and odor permeation is not an issue. Avoid routing through hot spaces, engine compartments, against the hull where sunshine might significantly raise the temperature, etc.

Cheers, Don

Anonymous said...

Right on Don!
I'm with you in spirit my friend.
Terrific progress!!!
Aloha for now,
Jeff aka.-Menehune Man

Don said...

Thanks Jeff!

Getting closer.
Have a great time in Fiji bruddah!