Monday, June 22, 2009

Sanding, sanding, and more sanding

With temperatures being on the cool side this week we took the opportunity to do a lot of sanding. Its a nice job to do when its cool, when its hot out the temperature in the shop soars and its difficult to stay suited up for very long without overheating. We started on deck and got most of the old non-skid sanded off of the deck and cabin top. The texture had been badly damaged and it was necessary to sand it off. 40 grit 3M purple sanding disks made the work go fast.
The hull was sanded down to bare fiberglass between the toe-rail and the cove stripe in preparation for glassing the hull and deck joint. Tyler and Chris stopped by and asked if they could lend a hand sanding the bottom. They had done the first wave of sanding on it when the project first started and wanted to finish the job. I was grateful for the help! In four hours they had most of the bottom on the port side sanded down to bare fiberglass and promised to return tomorrow night to sand some more. If we can keep up this pace we should have most of it done by the weekend.

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