Thursday, March 19, 2009



Anonymous said...

Choice! But I wanna see more my friend...

I know you're goin' for it.

Aloha and all the Bestest,
Jeff MM

David Fisher said...

Hi Don, I am enjoying following your progress. I have an Alberg in Oz which I stripped out in a similar fashion, though not quite so thoroughly as yours, and stupidly I remained living aboard throughout the refit. You look like you're creating a real work o fart there though; well done.

I changed the accommodation around a fair bit to put in a nav desk and bigger galley, at the expense of the whole starboard berth. Also raised the benchtops to make them a little more workable. If you're interested, I could send you through some photos. I'm at

David Fisher.

Don said...

Thanks Jeff! MOre to come soon :)

Don said...

Thanks David,
I had a look at your blog and really enjoyed it. Its inspiring me to get on with the job and get out sailing!
That must have been a real challenge living on the vessel during the refit!
I'd love to see some photos!
My email is "potatosailor at"

Cheers, Don