Friday, May 15, 2009

Engine bed, Port Lights, Galley, Electrical Panel

The electrical panel arrived and it is a thing of beauty :-) We templated the wood for it and test fit the location. Then the hull was insulated and the area finished. We have started pulling wire through the boat and it finally feels like the turning point of the project. The end is in sight,........a ways down the road yet,...........but in sight!

Decided on a basic layout for the galley and cut some lumber and made a mock up of it and adjusted it until I had the basic layout I was looking for. Templated them and cut them out as required and surfaced the tops with black laminate. We cut down an icebox out of a salvaged vessel and placed it and the sink aft of the stove. Should have it glassed and installed next week.

Decided we wanted opening ports so we cut some plywood and made mock ups onto the cabin side. The blue tape represents the frame of the portlight and the plywood insert represents the glass. The port lights were ordered from New Found Metals and should arrive in 60 - 90 days. Several calls were made to New Found Metals during the mock-up and their staff was always polite and very helpful at responding to my questions. Their portlights are sized by the actual glass size not the overall size; we are installing 3x10 for the four forward portlights, & 7x15 for the four aft.

The area of the hull was prepped for the engine bed and layers of mat and roving were laid up from the galley to the shaft log. Additional layers were added where the motor mounts will be and also under the thru-hull fittings for the cockpit drains. Epoxy and high density thickener was laid in for the thru-hull pads and once cured the adapter flanges were installed. The picture below shows the area before the final fairing has been done. A lot of glassing and tabbing has been done under the cockpit to strengthen it and make the three compartment individual watertight compartments.

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