Friday, February 27, 2009

Starboard Settee

The starboard settee front was tabbed in, and then the galley bulkhead was templated, made, and tabbed in place. The bulkhead was moved eight inches forward from the original bulkhead to accommodate the three burner gimbaled stove. This shortened the bunk from six foot three inches long to five foot seven inches long. The settee bunk was mocked up; water jugs were placed to determine the locker partition placement, and a template was made, the partition cut from a sheet of half inch plywood, fit into place and then glassed.

The settee top and back were then made in a similar manner, test fit, and removed for finishing. The hull behind and under the settee was insulated and the non insulated parts were painted with Pettit Dura-White paint. The top was then screwed down and bedded with 3M 5200.

The top has two hatches in it; one on each side of the locker partition. The shelf behind the settee was templated, made of ½” plywood, glassed into place, and painted with Pettit Dura-White paint.


Anonymous said...

Sooo Choice!
You go my friend. Excellent work.

Jeff MM

matthew houskeeper said...

Interesting site!!! What an extensive restoration. I have an early Bristol 30, and I recognize many similarities with your boat.
Looks like you are doing an excellent job.

Don said...

Thanks guys :)
Its been a long but rewarding project.