Friday, January 9, 2009

Chain Locker; painted, plumbing & wiring roughed in

Looking into the chain locker from the deck

In the locker looking forward; the electrical mounts were attached to the hull using the weld-mount system with self mixing dispenser tips. It is very strong and the larger mounts are rated at over 800 pounds strength.

Looking up from inside the locker at the
hull stiffeners around the hatch

Port side; the hose with the blue tracer is from the vented loop in the head, the pex hose below it is for the deck wash-down.

Wiring roughed in; heavy cables for the the windlass, lighter wiring for running lights and windlass controls. Holding tank vent filter mounted to bulkhead (left side of picture).


Anonymous said...

now that your week vacation in Hawaii is over, updates my friend!

Aloha till we meet again,
Jeff MM

Don said...

lol, updates on the way!
Had a great time in Hawaii, thanks for hosting us!