Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chain Locker

It always seems to be that before completing one task several others must be done first.
Take the head for instance; before I could permanently install the panels I had made for it I wanted to run the electrical wires and wash-down plumbing (that run behind the head panels) forward into the chain locker. And so I found myself scrunched into the small chain locker with sander in hand, working to finish the locker.

A layer of biaxial glass was applied to the bulkhead to seal it up and make it resistant to abrasions. The hull/deck joint was thru-bolted, and painted on the inside of the hull with Pettit Dura White paint. Fiberglass tubes were filleted in place along the hull/deck joint and two layers of biaxial glass was rolled over them tying the hull/deck joint together. The area under the deck from the hatch forward was templated and a piece of quarter inch thick aluminum plate was cut to fit. The aluminum was etched and then bonded into place with West Systems Epoxy thickened with chopped fibers. A couple of bolts were used to fasten it in place while the epoxy cured.

Two, four foot long pieces of Taco 4-1/2" wide hull stiffeners were spot tacked into place using a hot glue gun. One on the port side and one to starboard. Two layers of Biaxial glass was applied to the hull stiffeners.
2-1/4" wide hull stiffeners were tacked under the deck on each side and the back of the hatch opening forming and "H" with the top of the H butting up to the aluminum plate and the bottom butting up to the bulkhead. Two layers of biaxial cloth was applied. This has added a considerable amount of strength to the hatch area.

Pettit Protect, two part epoxy paint will be applied to the inside of the locker and the electrical and plumbing will be installed.

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