Friday, February 5, 2010


After we hung the blue tarps it became noticeably darker in our space and the tarps cast a blue hue on the boat making it difficult to see when painting. We needed better lighting.
We had several duel tube eight foot florescent fixtures in the shop that were not in use so we rounded em up and put plugs on em and hung em around the boat. It lit the port side very well and half the starboard side. A trip to the hardware store for one more fixture and a couple of flood lights and we had the area well lit.
After that we taped off the new stripe to protect it and hung more plastic to protect the Hull from over spray.
Then we gave our work space a good cleanup and got organised. It was getting a little messy, we had a lot or hands doing a lot of sanding and masking and all sorts of debris was tossed over the side and wound up underfoot.

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