Monday, February 1, 2010

Boot Stripe

Things have been clicking along so nicely we've gotten ahead of our stock of supplies.
We are awaiting the arrival of more epoxy paint and the appropriate thinners for spraying.
We could proceed with finishing fairing in the hull & deck joint but decided that since we have the hull nicely cleaned and prepped we might as well get the boot stripe on the ol' girl. We mixed up some epoxy paint and brushed it along the waterline to build up a nice undercoat for the boot stripe. The next day it was sanded with 80 grit as recommended by the paint manufacturer and wiped down. I had been flip-flopping between red or gold for the boot and cove stripe, I liked both and couldn't make up my mind. Our painter said; "you know,...we've got some Pettit Vivid anti-fouling paint leftover from a job, plenty of red and plenty of white." Ohhhhh, red it is then! Pettit Vivid anti-fouling paint comes in nice bright colors and fetches a high dollar, getting some free paint definitely was the deciding factor on the color.....and I didn't even have to go dumpster diving for it  >:-P
We masked off the paint line with 3/4" 3M fine line tape and applied some 1-1/2" 3M 2080 over that to give us a little more room to over-brush without hitting the hull. (see previous post for measuring the boot stripe) Three coats of the Pettit Vivid White were applied with a foam roller, one each day with a light sanding between coats. After the final coat was nice and dry we masked over the bottom of the stripe with 3/4" 3M fine-line tape. We'd peel this off later to reveal the 3/4" white accent stripe.
The remaining stripe was lightly sanded and wiped down then two coats of Pettit Vivid Red was applied with a foam roller allowing four hours dry time between coats. Thirty minutes after the final coat was applied the tape was removed and voila, we had a stripe! Black hull, white accent stripe, red boot stripe, all in high quality anti-fouling paint.


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