Monday, November 24, 2008

Galley bulkhead / Starboard Settee

Using Template material I made a mock-up of the galley bulkhead and using 1/4" plywood made a template of the front of the starboard settee. When I was satisfied with the template I drew it out onto 1/4" teak and cut it too shape. Several 4-1/2" holes were cut in the back piece to lighten it and the two pieces were laminated together. After another test fit and trimming as required I applied several coats of satin Wipe on Poly made by Minwax.

Laminating the pieces together

Test fitting

Back of the piece

Applying Wipe on Poly


Anonymous said...

Alrighty then!
Read the updates. You go buddy.

Don said...

Thanks Jeff!
Now that our season is slowing up I have more time to work on my own boat :)