Monday, March 31, 2008

V-berth (Making partitions)

I was sitting in the V-berth space, chin in hand, trying to visualize what I was planning to build.
I knew I wanted a single platform with a hanging locker on the starboard side.
The problem was; the hull stiffeners, deck, and previous tabbing all formed visual lines that kept tricking my brain. What I thought was level was sloping radically upwards, what was level, appeared to be diving down at the bow. It was clear I would need some reference lines to get a better picture in my head before proceeding. If I can't "see" it, I can't build it.

I emailed a picture of my interior to John Irving, a fellow Alberg 30 owner who is refitting his vessel. We have been sharing information and ideas and I asked if he could supply me with some measurements of the interior of his boat so I could get an idea of where things used to be in my boat. When I checked my email I was both amazed and delighted; John was leaving for vacation that morning but had taken the time and drove to his vessel to get some measurements for me.
I received four pages of pictures that were covered with measurements and reference points!
I printed the pictures and took them into my vessel and plotted the locations. At last I was able to "see" what had been before, and could visualize what I wanted to build.

It made my week-end!

I placed listings athwart-ship on the forward and main bulkheads to get the height I wanted.
Then cut four 2x4's to length and placed them fore and aft on the listings to be used as reference points for templating the partitions that will go under the V-berth platform/bunk.

The partition was made by clamping a listing athwart-ship under the 2x4's (the 2x4's ensured that the height of the partition was correct). A plumb-bob was used to project the location from the listing to the hull and marked with a felt pen. The partition template was then built using strips of 1/8 inch plywood in the same manner we have used to make all of the bulkheads.

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