Saturday, March 3, 2012

The complete project in three minutes & forty-one seconds!


Bruce B. said...

Excellent recap... I like the part in the movie where the alien shows up with his _____ probe device. Must have been the horror part of the movie/dream/nightmare... :P

cheers, and ultimately: KUDOS!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome Don!
Great job on the video. But that's nothing compared to what you accomplished in real life by getting the empty hull in Ohio, getting it to Idaho, building her sooo beautifully and sailing Kolohe to Hawaii!!! Thanks for being my buddy.
Glad you've finally moved here... and let's go sailing some more!


Russ said...

Hi Don,
Good job on the picture show and refit+.
Sorta like an Alberg Phoenix rising up to do it again.
And to one of my favourite tunes.

Cheers, Russ

Sarah said...

Very cool! Hope we can see her (and you, of course) in person one day. :)
I hope you use the blog to post photos and stories from interesting places you sail!

Tim said...

Fantastic workmanship, and very inspiring blog. I hope you're very proud.
I'm currently working through all your posts and picking up loads of ideas for my own boat (a 27 footer, not an Alberg, but similar vintage).
I noticed that the images on your anchor locker post are broken. Any chance you could upload these again? I'm contemplating a similar modification, and am sure they would be very helpful.

Good winds,

Don said...

Thanks all! Been away from the blog for a bit, hope to add more soon.

Don said...

Tim those original pics were on a different server and appear to be lost forever now. I can snap some finished shots if you like and am happy to answer any questions you may have.
I will look thru the archives I have on back up pics but there is over 1,500 of em on the project and it will take some time to wade thru em.

Skeep said...

Terrific blog on the Alberg. Got lots of concepts on the build. You guys are formidable seamen to then sail to the islands. Wow.