Wednesday, February 16, 2011


For an engine we decided to go electric.
After doing some homework online we contacted Thunderstruck electric and ordered their brushless electric motor kit for sailboats.
The folks at thunderstruck were fantastic to deal with. They spent a lot of time explaining the system and what was best for our application. Their after sales service was first class and I was very impressed with this company.
The installation was very straightforward and went very smoothly.
Gary fabricated a custom motor mount out of half inch thick aluminum plate and mounted the motor to it at the top and two bearings at the bottom to prevent side loads on the drive-line.
A two to one gear ratio and idler was used along with a toothed drive belt.
The motor controller was installed behind the engine on the bulkhead and a drip-less coupler on the propeller shaft completed the installation.


Anonymous said...

How much do you have in the compleat system and how long can you run for with out charging the batt

Don said...

I have about $3000-$3500 into it.
How long you can go depends on how many amps you pull (how high the throttle is set) I only use the engine for leaving and approaching the dock so I only put in four batteries; At 16 amps I get about 3 knots and an hour run time taking the pack down to about 70% DOD (depth of discharge, that is to say I used 30% of the banks capacity and still had 70% left).
Battery life is very dependent on cycles and DOD.....the deeper the discharge, the fewer number of cycles you get before having to replace the bank. I aim for taking the bank down no more than 20% when possible which in Hawaii is easy as the wind, she blows here!

Pasi said...

I have been looking at the thunder struck motors for awhile to repower my boat. Do you any comments after few years of use?

Don said...

Hi Pasi.
The thunderstruck engine and components have worked flawlessly and without the need for any maintenance.