Friday, June 13, 2008

Exposing the ballast pig

Looking forward

Ballast pig looking aft


Bruce B. said...

Hey Cuz.... one year later and she's looking good, mang!

Did you sink any Loonies or gold bars into the ballast pig for good luck... is there a tradition/superstition??

Keep up the good work... it's been fun following your progress.

Take care, all the best, happy nailing for now and sailing for later.


Zach said...


You've done a lot of work to this boat! Looking good. I like the way you did the stringers.

Have you seen The Plastic Classic forum?


Zach said...
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Don said...

Hi Bruce!

Thanks for writing.
lol, no traditions for the ballast but gotta have a coin under the mast when its stepped!

Don said...

Thanks Zach,
I have seen the forum you mention, It's a good one and I enjoy reading the posts there.

Sarah "used to be Lang" Scott :) said...

Hey Uncle Don! I think it's about time for some new photos and updates... ;) It's so great seeing all your progress, what a massive undertaking. Hope you are all well, we can't wait to have another visit with you guys - can't believe it's been over a year ALREADY. Wow.
Love ya!

Don said...

Hi Sarah!
I posted an update and will get more pictures coming soon,...thanks for the nudge. :-)
Come down any time!
Love ya!