Saturday, May 10, 2008

V-berth; installing the bunk platform & hull ribs

The platform was built in three panels. Each panel is approximately two feet wide and spanned the width of the hull. They are screwed to the partitions and have epoxy fillets and a layer of biaxial glass tying them to the hull. The forward compartment is accessed through a small rectangular hatch. The middle compartment has three six inch round access hatches; the outboard ones to access storage compartments, the center one to access the water tank clean-out port.
The aft panel has an access hatch to port and a hanging locker to starboard.

The hull ribs were constructed of two to four, quarter inch layers laminated together with epoxy. Two layers of 1/4" "wiggle wood"; a very flexible plywood that bends into a tight radius without a lot of tension. It is sold in 4x8 sheets of various thicknesses and I've heard it referred to as flex-ply, wiggle-wood, and rubber-ply, depending on whom I was purchasing it from. I purchased the last sheet at Windsor Plywood and asked the salesman what the trade name was. He shrugged and replied "we just call it wiggle wood,...and if you try carrying a 4x8 sheet of it you'll know why!"


Anonymous said...

I put in ribs up forward in much a similar fashion, though made them from closed cell foam and then glassed them in with roving weave glass. Very strong and stiff. I had flexing cracks in the gel coat from pounding, same for you? I notice now that I have a little stress in the hull around the forward bulkhead and guess I'll have to add ribs in the anchor locker too. I can't believe the amoutn of work you're putting in! Seeing her stripped out reaffirms for me that these are close to the coolest boats ever. Such sweet lines. Close hauled today in over 30knots today and she romped along like a steamroller.

David, #440

Don said...

I didn't notice any gelcoat cracks but thought she could use some stiffening up for offshore. I didn't like the amount of flex I saw in the hull on the drive across the country to get her home (which was more pronounced due to the lack of bulkheads). Can hardly wait for the day I get to sail her!! I really enjoy the sailing commentary you post :-) keep em coming, they inspire me to keep at it!
Cheers, Don